Website Questionnaire

Thank you for choosing to let me build your website. Before I get started, I will need this questionnaire filled out. This will help me to initially design your website based on your feedback. From there, we can tweak it to perfection.

Let’s get started.

Name *
For example - GoDaddy or Wix. These sites will require you to release your domain and there are additional steps that need to be taken.
What kind of web style would you like? *
Where do you want your menu/header placed? *
Do you want to use a logo image? *
Please write the names of the pages and what they are for (i.e. Editorial - editorial beauty; Contact, About, etc)
Do you require a commerce page set up? *
This page is for products or booking sessions directly through website. Squarespace service upgrades may be required. I will inform you of choices before upgrading.
Do you have written copy prepared? *
Do you have written copy prepared for easy loading onto website? If not, I can recommend a copywriter to help you get started.
Please copy and paste the DropBox link here. Dropbox is preferred and free. This way we can collaborate and share files easily.
Colors can be anything you desire - I would just need the color identifier code or an image to help set the colors. Most beauty portfolios use white as the background.
Not all fonts are available, however, we can get as close as possible to your desired font. If you know the name of your font, please write it here.

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