Model Preparation Guide

Want to know how to prepare for your photoshoot? Read below to learn more about preparing for your photoshoot!



Your face is the most beautiful part of beauty photography. Everything you do to your skin is what makes or break a photograph. Most models don’t wear much makeup during their every day routines. In lieu of makeup, they focus on proper skin care and hydration days in advance. Read this article by on how to properly layer skincare products to avoid a heavy feeling of product on your skin. in the meantime, plan to utilize a hydrating face mask sheet for 15 minutes per day (2-3 days) to help prepare your skin to look dewey, shimmery, and radiant prior to a photoshoot. also, don’t forget to hydrate your lips and body. hands, shoulders are typically used in photoshoots. When you get to the studio, my artist will compliment you a face mask while you relax (or take selfies)!


eyes are prone to puffiness and discoloration due to lack of sleep or just natural reasons. The skin around eyes has fewer oil glands than the other parts of your face, making them more prone to crepeiness and, ultimately, wrinkles. by delivering the kind of targeted moisture you skin needs to fight off inflammation and bloat, you can ensure your eyes are bright and beautiful for your photoshoot. try to utilize a under eye moisturizer nightly. Lightly pat the moisturizer into the delicate eye area. An alternative is to use under eye patches. You can find several on the website here.




Hair should be washed and dried when you show up to a photoshoot. Most stylists prefer that there is no product residue in your hair when you show up which allows them to maneuver and style your strands easier. We recommend that you wash and dry your hair a day before and brush it out the morning of your photoshoot so that the hair is completely dry.


hands should have a fresh manicure if at all possible within the week of photoshoots. This allows the photographer to utilize beautiful hands in the beauty photo and not avoid their use. a fresh clear coat, clear coat with a pinkish tint, or a color the photographer approves of should be applied so as to not distract from the beauty image of the face, but to enhance it.




proper nutrition, like greens and foods rich with antioxidants CAN WORK TO YOUR ADVANTAGE IN PREPARATION FOR YOUR PHOTOSHOOT. CONTRARY, IF YOU EAT FOODS WITH A LOT OF sodium OR HEAVILY DRINKING cold brew COFFEE, THESE FOODS can make the skin pretty dull, prone to breakouts, and/or puffiness. The chlorophyll in greens will work to flush out the TOXINS AND HELP YOUR SKIN LOOK WELL HYDRATED AND LUSH. water hydration is incredibly important as well. did you know that Dehydration is usually 30% topical and 70% internal? so drink up and bring a bottle of water with you everywhere you go!