Light, Pose, Shoot!

A workshop designed for photographers and beauty enthusiasts


50% deposit required at booking



This full-day workshop is customized for photographers and beauty enthusiasts who want to learn the finer details of photographing the genre of beauty and learn how to master this challenging, but beautiful technique to enhance their own portfolios and needs.

In the first half of the day, you will: 

      ·  Learn how to set up your beauty station to maximize space

      ·  Explore lighting options for beauty photography

      ·  Learn appropriate settings to achieve desired lighting 

      ·  Understand the role of mood boards

      ·  Learn importance of assembling a team & communicating your plan 

      ·  Explore posing & most flattering angles for model(s) 

The second half of the day, you will:

      ·  Utilize your new skills to light, pose and shoot up to two models 

      ·  Choose images best represent your aesthetic  

      ·  Learn basic retouching skills 

I had the opportunity to work with Jennifer at one of her workshops. Taking her workshop has helped me with my portrait and beauty photography. Learning about gear, lighting, and composition has definitely helped build my confidence as a photographer. Thanks Jennifer!
— Kori Leilani @irok_images




Bonus Material :-)

You don’t need a ton of expensive lighting equipment nor a 2,000 sq ft studio to photograph in. Starting small is how I did it and you can too!

As a bonus, I’m offering this free downloadable PDF guide to getting started in beauty photography. In the guide, I lay out my initial gear, how to work with models, and some of the basic tools and systems to get you started in beauty photography.



Jennifer McIntyre is a beauty photographer and military officer in the U.S. Army. She’s been a world traveler and had the pleasure of working on some of the biggest, strategic problem sets of her generation. Now, she uses her skills learned in the military to strategize her work in the realm of beauty. Jennifer first picked up the camera in 2009 while deployed overseas capturing the lives of her Soldiers thousands of miles from home. Her aesthetic has graduated to the finely tuned niche of beauty photography and she hasn’t put the camera down since. Beauty is Jennifer’s passion - ranging from clean beauty to editorial looks.

Jennifer offers portfolio-building opportunities for anyone interested in beauty and informative workshops for those interested in being behind the camera. She promises a productive, creative collaboration at her studio and wants her fellow creatives to walk away with valuable knowledge they can apply in their own workflows.  

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