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How to Put Together a Successful Model Call

Photography can be fun by planning it appropriately. It seems like work, but a little effort upfront will make the photoshoot much more enjoyable and a creative team that is seamlessly working together for a common goal.

Read this article to identify the key elements needed for a successful Model Call so you don’t sound like a creep or unorganized.

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Model Preparation Guide

No matter what, beauty photography is a very close up and intimate photoshoot environment where the quality of your skin, eyes, and hair will make or break a photoshoot. If you’re not looking your best, then no amount of retouching is going to save the day. Get a few pro-tips on how to prepare for your photoshoot!

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Model Talk: Real talk with Emma

For a long time, I wanted to talk to models about what it’s like on the other side of the camera. I can imagine starting out is similar to a photographer starting out. We’re nervous, we’re not sure we can meet the expectation of there other creative team, and we’re not sure of ourselves. In this blog interview, I wanted to talk to Emma, a model who started out very young and has grown up being photographed.

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