Podcasts For Photography Entrepreneurs

I find it really important to educate yourself, but I also know that education can be costly. Sometimes just “knowing” without formally sitting down and opening a textbook is all you need to begin your google journey down the rabbit hole to knowledge. Lately, I’ve found that the best way to tackle finding what you “need to know” is no further than a podcast. I’ve been listening to podcasts on my daily walks with the dog, walking to/from the gym, in my car, and then just when I want to sanitize my ears from the music I listen to often.

It’s so important to learn in this business of being an entrepreneur. I don’t know if I can stress this enough. Knowing is half the battle. If you don’t expose yourself to even receive knowledge, then we are putting ourselves at severe disadvantage.

So, I’ve compiled a very short list of podcasts that I thought were the most relevant to being an entrepreneur no matter whether you are the makeup artists, the photographer, post-production, studio owner, or model/talent. The reason I limit it to only four is because I don’t want you to be overwhelmed with information or sign up for everything and do nothing with it. Believe me, sensory overload is a “thing” and I want to be sure that you know I listen to these four podcasts/videos consistently and find immense value in them.

Plug your headphones in and give it a go.

#1 Favorite: Amy Porterfield, Online Marketing

If you ever felt like marketing in the online digital space was overwhelming, I can assure you Amy Porterfield is probably THE best at breaking it all down and making it actionable steps you can implement. Amy is a digital online course developer so at first it might not seem relevant to listen to her but the topics she talks about and the advice she gives is amazing. I have found her podcasts give me structure and steps to develop email funnels, give amazing service to clients, and I personally like her voice and I find that the podcasts aren’t too long. It’s short enough for a walk with the dog or a ride to the office in the morning.

#2 Favorite: Rachel Brenke, The Business Bites Podcast

If you want to learn to navigate the legal world and protect your business, LISTEN.TO.RACHEL.BRENKE. I can’t stress this enough. She started out as the “legal expert” for photographers but honestly, her podcast touches upon multiple different types of businesses and entrepreneurs in general. She has a plethora of information to share, her website is packed with usable information and she has a FB private group. Personally, I would stay away from the Facebook group because it can just be a bunch of whiny people and snotty responses from “armchair” quarterbacks, but the podcast is on point and can really direct you to the right resources or jog your mind to go find some legit legal answers.

#3 Chase Jarvis Live

Chase Jarvis is the founder of CreativeLive. If you don’t know what CreativeLive is, we have to have a conversation. Chase is a photographer himself who created the top platform for creatives all the world - streaming educational video content. Nowadays, Chase invites amazing creatives to sit with him and record a podcast on anything - self improvement, photography, arts, music, etc. He gets to talk with the likes of Brene Brown, Jared Leto, Gary Vaynerchuck, Richard Branson, etc. He motivates you to get off your ass and get going with your creativity. I like his energy in his podcasts and his enthusiasm for sharing with the creative world. Plus he’s a great photographer if you like sports and action work.

# 4 Marie Forleo TV

Lastly, this is a TV cast, not so much a podcast, so it will require your eyeballs and attention. Marie has immense energy. Sometimes it’s a little overwhelming and you’ll definitely have to determine this for yourself, but you can get her emails and determine if you want to watch the Marie.tv for that day or not. I wanted to attend her B-school but there’s a waiting list for 2020 now and I missed my chance when it first came out a few years ago. Anyhow, Marie is one of those who also motivates you to get off your ass and get after doing the “thing” you love. It’s not geared towards any specific genre of entrepreneur, she’s just about building human potential - she wants to bring out the best in you. She’s like your cheerleader in the corner that keeps telling you to go further and farther and that you CAN do it. We all need one of those as we spend a lot of time alone chasing the dream. So set aside some time to watch Marie.TV when you can.

I hope this short list of podcasts helps you achieve your dreams, even if it’s just a small step towards knowing more than you knew yesterday. It’s a lonely journey, believe me. Even if you aren’t pursuing entrepreneurship, knowing as much as you can and being inspired to live life to the fullest will enable you to continue creating and elevating the community around you.

Got any suggestions for other podcasts you love? Leave me a note in the comments section!



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