Product Review: Holler and Glow! 💗

Image: @hollerandglow

Image: @hollerandglow

You know what happens when you go to Target…

You end up with way more stuff than you ever actually meant to get. I even wrote out a list and it grew by 5-6 additional things I probably didn’t need.

But let me tell you, Target is the sh**! Have you gone to their beauty section lately? If I knew back then, what I know now, I would not have wasted too much time in Ulta or Sephora getting some very basics that didn’t need to cost $30 plus dollars. For example, who needs to spend $25 bucks on brow gel when you can just get the same product for $5?

Anyhow, I was going through Target (again…) and I came across their kiosk that had a bunch of travel size brand name product and I was in heaven! I can’t stand buying full-size product because I’m traveling a lot and I like to change up my products. There’s always new products coming out and I just want to try them without buying the whole kitchen sink (full size products). So when I saw this kiosk in Target with all sorts of travel-size product, K-beauty masks, and a lot of non-Sephora brand product, I definitely was hooked.

On today’s venture to Target, I found Holler and Glow.

Initially, what caught my eye is their graphic artwork. It was easy to spot on the shelf and immediately caught my attention amongst the other masks.

Image: @hollerandglow

Image: @hollerandglow

So I can’t find much about it other than the Holler and Glow! social media platforms and on the three websites where it can be purchased - Target, CVS, and Primark. They are a registered brand under GIFNI Limited, a UK based company, and offer an array of moisturizing facial, hand, hair, and foot masks. The back of the package references “made in Korea.” Currently, they have 49K followers, so it’s a relatively small brand still.

So I grabbed up the Unicorn Exist Hydrating Hair Sheet Mask which really caught my eye because my hair was starting to look ratty and tired, as if I was swimming in chlorine every single day since I arrived to Tampa.

Per usual, I didn’t quite read the directions entirely. I ended up doing the steps somewhat backwards so I popped this cap on my head after I initially showered, did the massaging (glorious), cleaned my condo a bit while it was soaking and then jumped back into the shower to rinse.

When you open the packaging, you’re not automatically slathered in moisturizer like a face mask but instead greeted with a nicely folded shower cap (yes, think your grandma with rollers in her hair covered by a shower cap) that’s printed with Unicorns on it. Yes… unicorns…

If you have longer hair like I do, this is going to require a bit practicing with your heads upside down and pulling the cap over your head ensuring all your hair gets rolled up into the cap in one majestic move.

Fact: I am not a unicorn and this was not a majestic move. The plastic sticker-type strap backing was hard to peel off so it made my “majestic” sweep not so easy at first. But you don’t want to pin your hair up because you’re going to massage the hair moisturizer into your scalp and strands.



The drawback besides the sticky strap is how long you should keep this on your head - it calls for 15-20 minutes because you’re supposed to massage it into your scalp and strands and the heat generated from the shower like cap helps your hair to soak up the moisturizing balm. Fair enough. I just don’t know what you’re going to do with yourself for 15-20 minutes in the shower. (Keep it clean…)

You probably want to know how good this product actually is. Think the ‘90s Herbal Essence hair commercials … it was literally that good. (click here if you’re too young to remember that commercial)

After I blew out my hair with a large round brush, my hair was soooo SOFT! I mean, I literally could not stop running my hands through my hair. Even 2 days later, with a little dry shampoo, this mane of mine is still so very soft and manageable. It doesn’t feel dry at all and it doesn’t look greasy. Best of all it has most of its volume 2 days later. It doesn’t help that I have to pull it back into a bun every day while at work, but even so, I shake out my head and the volume comes back.

So, I can 100% say that I love this product and want to try all the others that are out there. It’s whimsical, it’s fun, it smells great, and the results are amazing.

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