Dear Models: How to Prep for a Beauty Shoot

Beauty photography is a very intimate and up close kind of photoshoot. A beauty portrait is designed to capture the subject just below the collar bone to the top of the head and can even go narrower to highlight just the face or specific features. You should expect a wide range of photographs to be taken - close up, mid-range and wider shots. What really gets beauty photographers excited to shoot is a beautiful model, artistic makeup, beautiful expression and posing, and seeing "skin." Beauty photographers are crazy about skin - healthy, clear looking skin that can become an artist's canvas as well as make for a productive shoot and easily retouched images. 

@heysophiahutch // @anya.zaytseva 

@heysophiahutch // @anya.zaytseva 

The team can range from just a model and photographer to a full set of creatives, depending on your creative concept and the level of intricacy and design. When your team is testing or just starting out, sometimes it's just you (the model), the photographer, and maybe a hair and makeup artist wrapped up in one. Honestly, those are the most fun shoots because you never know what you're going to end up with and it's just a more intimate setting and a learning experience.

The flip side is - there's not a whole creative team touching up every little detail - from hair, to nails, to straightening a piece of clothing or earring that you're wearing. So that's why you need to bring your A-game to the shoot and come prepared from the stand point of what "you" can do to make the shoot easier and more productive. That means taking care of your skin and coming to the shoot feeling rested and comfortable in your own skin. 

@heysophiahutch // @anya.zaytseva 

@heysophiahutch // @anya.zaytseva 

So I've polled a few models and makeup artists from the community to give you an idea of what they do to prep for a beauty shoot and the routines they swear by.

Advice from models: 

@majahikes - Cetaphil, embriolysse, and Aveda are her go to products! (PNW)

@baylie_l_b - She uses Babe Lash "my eyebrows and eye lashes are INSANE after 3 months of use. I love it" ... regarding Rhodan and Fields... Baylie "loves their acne line. I could not get anything to get my adult acne to go away and I tried their new regimen for acne and I swear by it!" (PNW)

@grace.the.explorer - "Night before, I make sure to exfoliate, and then I do my typical wash, tone, serum, and then an overnight moisturizing mask. Also, I'll put on a 15-minute eye mask." (Chicago)

@minyalacaldin - says "Jojoba and tea tree oil mixed and gently massaged on the face the night before gives an amazing smooth skin and it's completely natural and biodegradable." (London)

@heysophiahutch // @anya.zaytseva

@heysophiahutch // @anya.zaytseva

From the Makeup Artist perspective: 

@heysophiahutch - says "as a MUA, a model showing up with clean HYDRATED skin is the best! Using a trusted hydrating mask about an hour before call time makes a noticeable difference - Bobbi Brown makes some of my favorites!" (LA/Seattle)

@genevamakeup - "Hydrate the skin and get rid of any texture beforehand (ex. Facials, serums, exfoliation)! And eyebrow grooming." (NYC)

@lindacrasemakeup - "My peeve is when i ask to arrive with clean dry hair and its still wet also clean makeup free skin!" (Seattle)

@giselledozierartistry - "Moisturize and de-flaked lips please! BITE agave lip mask to sleep in the night before and a sugar scrub in the morning...or with a soft toothbrush" (Chicago)

@sarahkhanartistry - "Please come with moisturized, clean and manicured nails. That’s my pet peeve especially for beauty shoots where a model’s uses her hand for a set of images." (MA/DC/VA area)

@racheljordanbeauty - "Clean hydrated skin, dry hair, clean manicured hands and nails. I’m not sure why that last one gets neglected so much even when it’s clearly in the instructions. I’ve also had some models show up with falsies glued on even though the rest of the face is clean.... when I said clean.....Oh, and exfoliated, hydrated lips. That should be done well in advance because it’s hard to fix quickly and if there’s any beauty closeups of the lips, the Retoucher is going to have a lot of extra work." (PNW)

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